"Nothing Could Be Finer"


How Jeff met Joni:


The year was 1990... I was sitting in a real estate class on marketing. Little did I know … I was sitting next to my future wife and real estate partner. That’s how we met…in a real estate class on marketing. After class we had coffee at Starbucks. Three months later we were married. Some things are just meant to be.


How Jeff & Joni Became A Team:


Joni and I had the same goals…we had the same understanding of what it really means to serve people. We shared the same deep commitment to always be true to our word. I look back now and see that we were the perfect compliment to each other. We became successful very fast. But that was only the beginning…


Jeff & Joni’s Fortune Five Hundred Marketing Campaign:


We are all about Marketing! We were the first to bring the concept of “big brand” marketing to the hyper- local real estate community. We were the first Realtors to create the branded logo you see other Realtors copying today. We wrote, produced and were the branded spokespersons in television commercials for White House Properties, Re/Max OTB and other leading real estate companies. We created The Jeff & Joni Fortune Five Hundred Marketing Campaign designed to market your home the way the Big Brands do…like Apple, AT&T and Target. 


Let’s Do Business: 


We believe that you are important and that you are unique and that you are special! There is no one else like you. We believe that your home is important and that your home is unique and that your home is special! There is no other home exactly like your home. It is our Job #1 to determine exactly what you desire to have an awesome real estate experience. We believe that your home deserves the best presentation, the best marketing campaign and the best negotiating strategy possible… just like the Fortune Five Hundred companies do. We believe this so strongly that we have created our Jeff & Joni Fortune Five Hundred Marketing Campaign and made it the cornerstone of the foundation of our career. That’s what we believe and that’s what we aspire to in our daily lives every day.




Jeff & Joni



We serve the following communities:


West Hills, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge, Calabasas, Reseda, Winnetka, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Granada Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Studio City, Simi Valley



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