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Sell Your Home Fast

Posted by Jeff & Joni Finer

Perhaps you’re underwater in your home, or maybe you’ve received a great job offer out of state, or you have an adjustable rate mortgage that’s about to rise. Whatever the reason, you need to sell your home fast.


Here are five tips to lure more buyers in and sell your home at the highest price possible:


  1. Hire a Real Estate agent. If you need to sell your home fast, you need a professional that knows exactly how to do that. A Real Estate agent can help you assess what your home and your listing needs to stand out on the market. An agent will help you price your home accordingly and try to get you the most money for your house.
  2. Take professional-quality photos. Most homebuyers will start their home search online and will make many judgments based on the quality of the photos they see. Rent a wide-angle lens or have a professional photographer come take photos of your home. Lots of high quality photos on a bright, sunny day will make your home look bigger and more inviting.
  3. Stage your home. Homes that are professionally staged sell faster and for more money than homes that are not. Homebuyers want to picture themselves living in your home. They don’t want to see how you live in your home. Remove photos, knick knacks, personal items, and clutter. Arrange furniture in a way that promotes a good flow when showing the home. A professional stager can be a great resource to help sell your home quickly.
  4. Include incentives for the buyer. Consider paying closing costs or prepay taxes. Include appliances or furniture with the home. Be creative. Offer to pay for landscaping or maid services, install a new security system, etc.
  5. Hire a professional cleaning service and/or professional organizer before showing your home. Having a sparkling clean, clutter-free home is a low-cost way to help present your home at its best and draw more interest. It will generally only take one day for a cleaning service to make your home look its cleanest. 

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